Manufacturing Careers: The Untold Story

The Importance of Manufacturing in Massachusetts

Many people are unaware of today's exciting careers in advanced manufacturing.  During COVID 19 alone, manufacturing technologies advanced six years in six months!  Think about your phone... if it weren't for manufacturers learning how to mass produce them with all their innovative technology, you would not be able to get the latest and greatest phone without waiting a long time!    Total output from manufacturing was $53.26 billion in 2018 with an average annual compensation of $103,826.30. In addition, there were an average of 243,000 manufacturing employees in Massachusetts in 2019. Manufacturing continues to grow in Massachusetts and the next generation of workforce is needed to meet this demand.

Governor Baker Speaks to the Importance of the Manufacturing Industry

Governor Charlie Baker has called advanced manufacturing a key industry of the Commonwealth’s innovation economy.  The administration highly supports the pathways and skill-building necessary for young adults to start successful careers in this industry. Manufacturing is increasingly reliant on advanced and emerging technologies such as robotics, automation, the internet of things, and augmented reality. The manufacturing sector accounts for 243,500 jobs in Massachusetts with a median wage of over $50,000 per year.  Fueling the next generation of manufacturing greatness will require the bold, the daring and free thinkers to design innovative products, advance technologies and streamline supply chains to distribute products on a global scale.  This event will show you some of the amazing technology used, cool products being created and innovative companies that will give offer you career opportunities to "Make It in Massachusetts".

Introduction to using Our Virtual Manufacturing Day

Manufacturing is Making a Better World: Making it Meaningful

We believe that manufacturing matters. By 2050 we are likely to have 9 billion people on this planet. How can we ensure that every one of those people has clean water, enough food to eat and access to decent healthcare? How can we ensure that we will have sufficient – and clean – energy? How can we improve standards of living across both developing and developed societies?

Manufacturers develop innovative biotechnology and manufacturing technologies that can help diagnose deadly diseases, and Nano-manufacturing develops more energy efficient batteries and more effective water filtration devices. Manufacturing is looking at how continuous production technologies mean medicines can be made in larger volumes. Supply chain innovations are directly supporting global food safety and food security and focused on developing practical ways in which industry can become more efficient and less resource hungry and, in the process, sustainable.

The work we do here is about finding new and better ways to do these things, to bring innovative products and services to market in order to deliver ongoing economic and social benefit.

Let the games begin! Welcome to the TIC TAC TOE Game of Manufacturing... Explore three areas that interest you!

Secretary of Education, James Peyser, Speaks to the Opportunities in Manufacturing

As Massachusetts Secretary of Education, James Peyser directs the Executive Office of Education, which oversees early education, K-12, and higher education. Secretary Peyser sits on each of the boards governing the Commonwealth’s education agencies, as well as the University of Massachusetts system. He is Governor Charlie Baker’s top advisor on education and helps shape the Commonwealth’s education reform agenda. As a key member of the Governor's Workforce Skills Cabinet, Secretary Peyser is a strong voice championing the development of manufacturing pathways to better equip students for tomorrow’s careers. The 4th industrial revolution driven by accelerated technological advancements is here NOW and students from around the commonwealth are being inspired to consider the vast career opportunities in today's advanced manufacturing industries.

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